SESBE will provide 30 scholarships consisting of the payment of the registration fees of SESBE students.
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SESBE 2020 Fellowships
In order to promote participation of the youngest members, SESBE is proud to provide 30 fellowships consisting of the payment of the registration fee.

It is possible to join SESBE just to have the right of reduced fee (see “Registration”) and to apply for a fellowship. Those willing to became members should do it through:

How to apply for a fellowships?
To apply for a fellowship you should contact the Secretary of SESBE before October 31th, 2019:

 Dr. Borja Milá
, MNCN-CSIC, secretario@sesbe.org

The requirements to apply for a fellowship are (the supporting documents must be included in the application):

  • Copy of bank receipt of registration payment in SESBE VII
  • Abstract of the contribution
  • Certificate of membership of SESBE (in case of becoming a member for SESBE VII attendance, please include a copy of bank payment receipt)
  • Full CV

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