Scope and format

Scope and format


SESBE VII is designed as a meeting place for the members of the Spanish Society for Evolutionary Biology, but also to attract other professionals (researchers and teachers) and specialists and general public interested on Evolutionary Biology and related fields from any country, with particular emphasis on members of sister societies in other countries. In this way, every two years we share experiences and viewpoints while establishing and reinforcing collaborations among participants.

We have a special interest for the participation of the youngest members of SESBE and try to attract those who are not members yet. Efforts have been made to ensure that the topics of SESBE VII are very broad and the congress is as inclusive as possible.

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The congress has been designed as an intense activity of two and a half days, in a way that distorts as little as possible the intense work agenda of most professionals in academia. Even so, it will end on Friday afternoon. Thus it is feasible a nice weekend in Seville at a suitable time of the year for this busy tourist city.

Two plenary talks by highly notorious researchers in quite different fields have been scheduled, and keynote speakers for the specific sessions have been also invited. The Scientific Committee will seek a balanced selection of contributions in each session, which will allow an exciting general discussion for each session. Poster exhibition will be close to the session hall and will last the whole duration of the congress. We will organize activities and specific sessions for posters, which will foster an adequate participation. The best posters will be awarded.


Despite the official language of SESBE is Spanish, we encourage all participants using English in their contributions and participation, oral or poster (titles, abstracts, texts). The congress is open to the international community and many of the speakers and attendees could be foreigners.

Code of conduct

SESBE promotes diversity and it is expected all participants to adhere to this policy. This means that we expect the environment to be constructive for discussion, where opinions are respected albeit not necessarily shared, in such a way that the environment is relaxed and inclusive for all. This also includes respect for the decision of any participant of not being photographed or recorded (video and/or sound). If any participant has any particular concern or complaint in this regard, please contact with any of the organizers.